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Unveiling the Spectrum of Advanced NDT Methods and Techniques

At CICNDT, our Advanced NDT Methods embody a spectrum of innovative Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques designed to address the full range of inspection challenges across various industries. From aerospace to renewable energy, our cutting-edge methods ensure the highest integrity and safety standards for your projects.


Laser Shearography

Dive into the microscopic world of material stress and detect the slightest anomalies with our Laser Shearography services. Ideal for composite materials, this method reveals defects that are invisible to the naked eye.

Infrared and Thermal Testing

Harness the power of thermal imaging to spot performance issues and prevent potential failures. Our Infrared and Thermal Testing method is a non-contact solution that ensures your systems are operating at optimal thermal efficiency.

Bond Testing

Assess the integrity of bonds in multi-layered structures with precision. Our Bond Testing service is crucial for critical components where adhesive failure can lead to catastrophic results.

Ultrasound/Phased Array

Experience high-resolution imaging of internal structures with our Ultrasound/Phased Array services. This method provides detailed insights into the internal condition of components, ensuring no defect goes undetected.

Visual Inspection

The first line of defense in NDT, Visual Inspection, is a fundamental method that utilizes various tools to enhance the human eye’s capability, providing a rapid assessment of surface conditions.

Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Protect your facility from the risks of undetected leaks. Our Ultrasonic Leak Detection method can pinpoint the smallest leaks in pressurized systems, preventing loss of efficiency and potential hazards.

Dimensional Methods

Maintain the precision of your components with our Dimensional Methods. Using tools like laser scanners and CMMs, we ensure your parts meet their design specifications to the last micron.

Laser UT

Laser Ultrasonic Testing (Laser UT) offers a non-contact approach to traditional UT methods, providing flexibility in testing materials that are challenging to inspect using conventional contact techniques.

Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you require a detailed analysis of composite structures, thermal evaluations of electrical systems, or precision measurements of manufactured parts, our range of NDT methods at CICNDT is comprehensive and versatile. Each method can be tailored to the specific needs of your project, providing reliable and accurate results.

Discover More

While each method stands powerful on its own, the true strength of our services lies in their combined application, tailored to solve complex inspection challenges. For detailed insights into each method, explore the individual pages dedicated to these techniques.

Explore our Sophisticated NDT Approaches

At CICNDT, we are committed to providing you with a complete suite of NDT solutions underpinned by our unwavering dedication to excellence. Contact us to learn how our methods can be integrated into your quality assurance and maintenance programs, ensuring the safety and reliability of your operations.