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Advancements in composites Non-destructive Testing never rests, nor the digital world stand still. CICNDT’s rapid growth has driven us to redesign our website to adapt to the fluid digital world. We are thrilled to announce launch of our redesigned website, crafted by the talented team at Texas Web Design. We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website by Texas Web Design (TWD). It’s a strategic overhaul to enhance our online presence and serve our clientele with the latest information. 

Partnership with Purpose

Collaborating with Texas Web Design, known for their expert web design in San Antonio, has been transformative. Mel, the project manager, and Chris, the developer, were not just service providers but true partners in this endeavor. Their responsiveness to our needs and their proactive approach helped translate our vision into a digital reality.

“Texas Web Design has captured the essence of CIC’s commitment to quality, integrity, and reflecting it throughout our new website,” said Jeremy Heinks, CEO of CICNDT.

Necessary Transition

We operated on Wix for years, which served its purpose but fell short of meeting our needs during expansion. The strategic transition to WordPress aligns CICNDT with industry standards and accommodates the evolving CICNDT demands for a responsive, robust web presence. This shift supports growth, enhancing ability to showcase sophisticated NDT technologies and services we offer.

Advanced Features for Enhanced User Experience

The new website focuses not only on aesthetics but also on enhancing functionality and user engagement. Texas Web Design thoughtfully approached every aspect, from streamlined navigation to mobile-friendly design, to ensure a seamless experience for our visitors. “The website’s user-friendly design and improved functionality reflect our forward-thinking approach and dedication to excellence,” said CL Lucas, our CMO.

Future Collaborations and Continuous Improvement

CICNDT is excited to continue our partnership with Texas Web Design. Our ongoing collaboration will focus on further developing our online marketing and SEO strategies to keep pace with digital trends and the evolving needs of our industry. This commitment to continuous improvement is crucial as we aim to attract new clients and provide valuable content and updates about the latest in NDT technology and industry news.

Join Us on Our New Digital Journey

Explore the CICNDT Website Redesign and see our commitment to the future of non-destructive testing. The TWD team’s hard work shines in this redesign, offering the best NDT solutions. The site acts as a central hub for clients and partners to find essential information, insights, and support as CICNDT grows.

Overall, the CICNDT website redesign by Texas Web Design is more than just a new look—it’s a strategic upgrade that enhances our ability to communicate effectively and serve our clients better. We look forward to your feedback and continuing to serve your NDT needs with our new digital presence. Please contact CICNDT soonest with your composite inspection and service needs.