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CICNDT’s Composite Non-destructive Testing Services (NDT) guarantee the safety and longevity of your composite materials, aerospace structures, and wind turbine blades. We utilize cutting-edge methods like ultrasonics and Laser Sheragraphy for unparalleled precision in detecting flaws without damaging your assets. We also offer comprehensive visual inspections and CT scanning for a holistic assessment. Rely on CICNDT’s NDT expertise for informed decisions about your critical assets.


Do not navigate the complexities of today’s advanced composite materials without the mentoring of Composite Non-destructive Testing Services (NDT) from CICNDT. CICNDT’s consulting services ensure you select the most suitable NDT methods for your specific needs. Our industry specialists (aerospace, automotive, etc.) partner with you to understand your inspection requirements and develop a customized NDT plan that integrates seamlessly with your existing processes. We interpret NDT results and provide actionable insights to optimize your operations. Gain confidence with CICNDT’s NDT consulting expertise for a robust program that safeguards your structures.

Explore our services in detail to understand how we can support the integrity, longevity, and success of your projects.