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CICNDT Computed Tomography (CT) Inspection Services

Unveiling the Integrity of Composites

At CICNDT, we utilize Computed Tomography in NDT to harness the transformative power of Industrial Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning, enhancing the precision and insight of composite workpiece inspection. Our state-of-the-art, non-destructive technology reveals the internal structure of composites, offering a clear view of your component’s material.

Comprehensive Composite Analysis in NDT

Our CT Inspection services are crucial in industries like aerospace, automotive, and naval where composites are critical. Using high-resolution RX Solutions CT devices, we assess every structural and dimensional aspect of composite parts down to the individual fiber level, ensuring comprehensive attention to detail.

Structural Analyses and Quality Control Validation with Computed Tomography

By leveraging Computed Tomography in NDT applications, we provide rapid, accurate inspections of internal and external structures. Our equipment’s up to 5 μm resolution meticulously validates intricate details on composite components. Additionally, accurate 3D models are generated for precise measurement and analysis, enhancing quality control at every production phase.

Advanced Analyses for In-depth Insights with CT

Our CT datasets are rich with geometric information, enabling various analyses:

  • Voids and porosity evaluation
  • Actual parts to CAD comparison
  • Part-to-part comparison
  • Wall thickness analysis

These analyses are essential for understanding the mechanical and physical properties affected by fiber orientation and distribution.

Defect Analysis through Computed Tomography

Computed Tomography in NDT facilitates identifying cracks, porosities, and inclusions with confidence. Our technology quantifies the volume fraction of pores and their spatial distribution, detecting the minutest defects and ensuring the integrity of your composite structures.

Beyond Inspection: The CICNDT Advantage in Computed Tomography

Our services extend beyond mere inspection. We comprehensively review equipment capabilities, manufacturing processes, and potential challenges in scanning composite materials. Our CICNDT experts are dedicated to delivering insights that drive innovation and efficiency in your production process.

CICNDT helped revolutionized many of our NDT processes, elevating manufacturing integrity and quality at LM Wind.

Daniel RichardsonLM Wind

GE Renewables relies on CICNDT's ultrasonic leak detection to preemptively address potential issues, ensuring efficiency is maintained.

William HarrisGE Renewables

CICNDT's innovative NDT solutions and detailed inspections are crucial for the durability and reliability of Siemens Gamesa's wind turbine projects.

Christopher AllenSiemens Gamesa

CICNDT's inspections have significantly boosted Northwind's efficiency by catching issues early. Their unparallelled professionalism and knowledge make them a stand out.

James CarterNorthwind Energy Operations